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Clojure Cookbook Image

Clojure Cookbook

Jun 30 2016  With more than 150 detailed recipes, this cookbook shows experienced Clojure developers how to solve a variety of programming tasks with this JVM language. The solutions cover everything from building dynamic websites and working with databases to network communication, cloud computing, and advanced testing strategies. And more than 60 of the world's best Clojurians contributed recipes. Each recipe includes code that you can use right away, along with a discussion on how and why the solution works, so you can adapt these patterns, approaches, and techniques to situations not specifically cove...

Practical Clojure Image

Practical Clojure

Jun 30 2016  This book is the first definitive reference for the Clojure language, providing both an introduction to functional programming in general and a more specific introduction to Clojures features. This book demonstrates the use of the language through examples, including features such assoftware transactional memory (STM)and immutability, which may be new to programmers coming from other languages. Overview of functional programming and description of what sets Clojure apart from other languages Detailed explanation of Clojures special features Examples of real-world tasks that are well-suited...